Grease F02


Available in 3 days, delivery time 2-5 days

Product number: 000-102-101
Grease F02 | DIN 51502 KP2R-25 | NLGI-class 2
  • Synthetic special grease for high specific loads
  • A special additive gives this special grease high thermal and oxidative stability and good corrosion and wear protection properties 
  • NSF / H1 approval
  • cold, hot water and steam resistant
  • high oxidation and thermal stability
  • high load-bearing capacity, good wear protection
  • long service life and wide service temperature range
  • high lubricating effect with low friction coefficients 
Operating temperature range -40 °C to + 140 °C
cartridge for FlexxPump 125F02125ccFlexxPump 125000-102-101
cartridge for FlexxPump 125F02250ccFlexxPump 125000-102-102
cartridge for FlexxPump 250F02250ccFlexxPump 250000-102-103
cartridge for FlexxPump 400F02400ccFlexxPump 400000-102-105
grease bellow for FlexxPump 1500F021500ccFlexxPump 1500000-102-115
tinF021 kg000-102-210
cartridge for hand press(DIN 1284)F02400cc
hobbockF0218 kg000-102-240
barrelF02180 kg000-102-250