FlexxPump 125 B

controlled minimal quantity lubrication for grease, battery-driven

  • automatic, time controlled relubrication unit
  • single point lubricator
  • compact piston-pump (1 pump body)
  • greases up to NLGl 2 (also solid particels)
  • 1 outlet G1/4(o) and M6(i)
  • pressure: 12 / 35 bar (switchable)
  • 125 cc grease in cartridge
  • low weight; running time and quantity per cycle adjustable
  • suitable for single or combined relubrication of:
    + bearings
    + linear guidance
    + ball screw
    + racks & pinions
    + rotary joints













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technical specifications

Technical specifications

dimensions: 83 x 152 x 83 [mm] w x h x d
weight (without lubricant): approx. 0.35kg
function/principle: piston pump
volume of lubricant: 125 cc (in cartridge)
delivered volume per stroke / pulse: 0.15 cc per outlet
number of pump hubs per
cartridge 125 cc:
approx. 780
operation pressure: 12 / 35 bar (switchable)
lubricant: up to NLGI 2,
with solid parts possible
operating temperature: -10°C…+70°C
number of outlets: 1
thread of outlet: G1/4“ (o) and M6 (i)
number of lubrication points: 1
tube-connection: PA-tube
operating voltage: 4.5 V DC
installation: rear side M5(i) (2x) or bottom side M5(i)
with G1/4“(o) or DLS accessories
installation position: vertical, cartridge upside
control: integrated, microelectronic
running-time: 1 up to 24 months (#135-125-000)
max. quantity per cycle: 1.50 cc
pressure monitoring: integrated, electronic
fi ll level monitoring: integrated, electronic
error-signal: optical, shown at LCD
IP class: IP 54
material housing: PA 6.6-GF 30 / POM

type overview

Type overview FlexxPump 125 B



type FlexxPump

of outlets

number of




125 B







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