PU-Lubrication pinion

PU-Lubrication pinion

PU-Lubrication pinion
Lubrication of open gear drives and racks
Interlocks of open drives should preferably be automatic
be relubricated. Only with very small modules, slow
Speeds <1m / s and low movements are not Relubrication required. For this purpose we offer adhesive fat F01 on or in Food grade (H1 approval) the gear lubricant F02. .
.Automatic relubrication with polyurethane spur gears
The much better technical solution for relubrication
Gearing provides the automatic and continuous application of the
Lubricant on PU sprocket wheels dar. This is a special
Spurious gear in contact with the drive spur gear or rack
brought. The PU spur gear transmits no moment, but
only transfers the lubricant to the toothing in contact. The required relubrication quantities for different gear teeth
conditions under different operating conditions are listed below.
led to take diagram. Condition for the validity of the
Diagram is the use of the corresponding PU spur gears
and a suitable gearing lubricant such as F01 or F02.
Before first use, the PU lubrication pinions are suitable
Pre-fill lubricant.
Technical description Spur sprocket
The spur gears consist of an open-cell polyuretane
Foam (temperature range -30 ° C …. + 150 ° C) and are made of several
Segments composed.
During the selection, it must be decided constructively whether the lubrication
wheel on the toothing of the rack or the drive spur wheel.
should be net.
Preferably, the attachment to the Antriebsstirnrad, since this is the lubricating
is improved by the distribution of materials compared to the rack lubrication. The open-cell polyurethane foam material used
Spur gears will provide optimum coverage of the gearing over very
ensured for long periods of time. The material partially stores the
Lubricant and returns it in the smallest Dosiermengen again.
Over-lubrication is avoided as well as wear
by lack of lubrication.

straight toothed

PU-Lubrication pinion – straight toothed


PU-Lubrication pinion – right-handed


PU-Lubrication pinion – left-handed

radial axes

fixing axes for PU-Lubrication pinion
radial feed lubricant

axial axes

fixing axes for PU-Lubrication pinion
axiale feed lubricant



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