PU-foam parts on customer request

There are 3 different types, which can be selected in various densities

  • dynamic foams
  • soft foams
  • elastomers and sealing material

Dynamic Foam Materials

Dynamic Foam Materials

Elastic materials with highest dynamics

The main feature of our product solutions made of CELLASTO® and SYLOMER® is their damping properties.

Components which damp noise, heat, impacts and shocks are essential in a wide range of every day items, from skateboard to car, from PC-printer to household appliance. Our company can supply an ideal solution for many damping problems.

As a result of their high coefficients of friction, these materials are also ideal for use as drive rings for transporting paper, textiles and other materials.

Soft Foams

Soft Foams

The foam with 1000 possibilities

Storage, filtration and transport are tasks undertaken by elements made of polyurethane foam with an ether or ester base.

With 100% open pores due to reticulation, hydrophobic or hydrophilic, these elements are used as filters or oilers, can be found in medical and mechanical engineering, in ink jet cartridges, and also in the automotive industry. This wide range of applications is made possible by the individual configuration of the material which is tailored to the application and its high precision production using a CNC-controlled water jet.

Elastomeres & Materials For Gaskets

Elastomeres & Materials For Gaskets

Rubber and the relations

We are a reliable supplier of seals and technical components made of all rubber and caoutchouc which are manufactured accurately using a drawing.
 Natural caoutchouc, Perbunan, Neoprene, Viton, silicon, PU, LINATEX® and VULKOLLAN®
 Foamed materials such as foam rubber, cellular rubber and silicon foam
 Substitute asbestos materials
 All of the above can also be made on a contract basis using materials supplied by you.



  • wide temperature range ( -30°C till +150°C)
  • open structure
  • memory effect like a sponge
  • no harden of the surface
  • nearly every geometry is possible
  • 80% of the volume is used as storage for the lubricant
  • no wear as long as the PU-foam is provided by the lubricant
  • high chemical resistance (except acids)


„Spaghetti“ 1,5 x 1,5 x 500 mm
ring seal, oiled
circular blank
in all dimensions
lubrication applicator
for linear guidance

shaft guidance pads in all dimensions applicator for trapezoidal
(drive/threaded) spindles
seal with
cable bushing

Featured profile Cylinder with “blind hole” Ronde with inner cone

In some applications the PU-foam is used to absorb
a small amount of leakages
These can occour near cable bushing
inside gears
There are also applications in the food- and pharmaceutical
industry (with NSF-approval)
Applicator according to customer’s drawing


We will gladly support you, with your concerns


We will gladly support you

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