Grease F04


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Product number: 000-104-101
Grease F04 | DIN 51502 KP2K-20 | NLGI-class 2
  • Lithium-calcium saponified multi-purpose grease with a mineral oil that can be used for the lubrication of roller and slide bearings under medium loads 
  • Suitable for sometimes shock loads; water-resistant and anti-corrosive
  • Lubrication of ball and roller bearings; ball screw
  • Can be used together with a lubrication Pinion and continuous relubrication for open gears 
  • Good eligibility in relubrication facilities and distributor
Operating temperature range -30 °C to + 130 °C
cartridge for FlexxPump 125F04125ccFlexxPump 125000-104-101
cartridge for FlexxPump 125F04250ccFlexxPump 125000-104-102
cartridge for FlexxPump 250F04250ccFlexxPump 250000-104-103
cartridge for FlexxPump 400F04400ccFlexxPump 400000-104-105
grease bellow for FlexxPump 1500F041500ccFlexxPump 1500000-104-115
tinF041 kg000-104-210
cartridge for hand press(DIN 1284)F04400cc
hobbockF0418 kg000-104-240
barrelF04180 kg000-104-250