Where can I find CAD data / step files?
To access our CAD data / step files you need an account. Log in and navigate to the product. 

You will find the files in the tab "Downloads".  
Where can i find the technical data sheet of the software D2?
The technical data sheet is only available on our website in the download area
What forms of payment can I use?
Please visit our Payment & Shipping page for more information.
What forms of delivery can I use?
Please visit our Payment & Shipping page for more information.


Is there only one pin to control the FlexxPump and are the diverse commands only executed through different control signals?
Yes, all commands are transmitted via PIN 2 (high-level + 24V over time) from the PLC to the FlexxPump. 

This is caused by the design of the FlexxPump and applies to all pulse-controlled pumps.
How can I check if the control signal has arrived and been executed?
The FlexxPump DLS can only process a command, if PIN 4 is permanent high (+24V) far at least 3 to 5 seconds. 

When a command is sent from the PLC to the FlexxPump, for example with a signal image of a 2 sec high-level-length, the pump will process it. in case of this 2 sec signal it is exactly one stroke (of 0,15 cm³). 

During this stroke the PIN 4 of the FlexxPump is low. This low signal can be processed vy the PLC as command acknowledgement.
Message: Empty cartridge is a 0.5 Hertz square pulse. Why a rectangle and how to check it?
Due to the design, the 0.5 Hertz square wave signal is stored in all pulse-controlled FlexxPumps.

It is output at PIN4 and means vacancy of the cartridge. The inspection and processing must be carried out in by the PLC on the control side. 

A monitoring program can be programmed which monitors PIN4 in the operating state without commands from the PLC to the FlexxPump 125 DLS. If a 0.5 Hertz signal appears during this period, the cartridge is empty. The signal processing can for example via the counting of falling / rising edges (0 / + 24V) within a period of time.

See the operating instructions of the FlexxPump 125 DLS, chap. 7 (page 25)
FlexxPump 125 shows the error E4
E4 = engine problem or problem at the output

It must be checked at the pump whether it is a motor problem or a problem at the output. 

To do this, the black cable on the output cable must be disconnected. If the E4 fault is subsequently eliminated, this means that there is a higher input current than 80mA at the pump or an inductive load (relay) is used.
If the error persists after disconnecting the black cable, the pump must be returned to DLS for further investigation. To do this, please fill out the RMA-Form and send it in advance by e-mail to and then together with the pump to us.
What should you do, when error E4 occured?
E4 = a serious errror occured. 

Disassemble the FlexxPump and send it together with the lubricant cartridge back to DLS. 

Often the error occurs in the electronic system of the FlexxPump, which can´t be fixed locally. 

Please add to the FlexxPump the filled RMA-Form and send it also via e-mail to
Can the hose connectors on the FlexxPump 400 simply be removed and replaced?
No. Adding or removing hose fittings is not allowed. In the event of infringement, the warranty is void. 

This is also noted on the supplement to the pump, which is enclosed with each delivery.
How is the pin-assignment of the connector?
PIN 1: input voltage +20…30 VDC, colour brown
PIN 2: activation of the individual pump outlets colour white
PIN 3: Ground (GND), colour blue
PIN 4: Output Signal, colour black
For a detailed description, please take a look at the user guide (also available as download on the website)
Does the FlexxPump suffer from frequent switching on and off (e.g. every weekend)?
Note: in the case of time-controlled pumps, however, a lubrication pulse is triggered on restart, which can lead to corresponding over-lubrication, and the cartridge is also emptied faster.